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Local taxi drivers may ask for a bigger price, so you should discuss the cost in advance. Low, mid and high cloud cover: Cloud cover at different altitudes. A click on a weather variable name in the legend below the chart hides the data series for better readability.

Tourists can get from Amman to Petra either by bus, by public minibus and by taxi or transfer. You can also rent a car without a driver.

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Travel by bus lasts 4 hours and costs A trip by a minibus takes 3. The distance amman dating Amman and Petra is km.

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A bus trip is cheap, but there is only one run a day. A bus has air conditioning and a toilet, and as a rule, it makes one stop at a shopping mall, so it is rather comfortable if you manage to catch it.

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If your plane arrives much earlier or later or amman dating would like to have a comfortable ride, amman dating is better to take a taxi or book a transfer. Local taxi drivers may ask for a bigger price, so you should discuss the cost in advance. Petra — a city of archaeological sites This ancient city located between amman dating Red Sea and the Dead Sea is half carved into rocks and half man-made.

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You could see its sites in the movie about Indiana Jones. For example the monastery Al Deir. After visiting it tourists can have a rest in the nearby cafe and enjoy a wonderful panorama of the mysterious Petra - a miracle created by Man and Nature.

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Another attraction is the architectural complex Djinn Blocks, the date of construction of which is unknown. Huge stone blocks decorated with carvings look majestical. The Tomb of Aneisho with a beautiful facade and a double cornice was created around 50 A.

It is a mixture of Greek, Egyptian and Nabatean architectural styles.

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There are many excursions that allow ci dating to see these and many other sites. Bus from Amman to Petra Price.

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