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Capturi de ecran iPhone Descriere Durcal is the free GPS family tracker with a map to find the location of your family and take care of the seniors, always with mutual consent. The free Durcal GPS tracker allows you to keep your family connected, and will notify you when your kids or seniors leave home, arrive at school, work, doctor or even if they run out of battery or coverage on their phones, through the cutting-edge Durcal localization system.

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Connect, find and take care of your family and seniors with Durcal, the free GPS family tracker app. With Durcal you can connect with your family, as well as, send and receive photos, make calls or see if you've spent time together recently, so you can give your family the time they deserve.

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Connect with your family and mates and gain peace of mind and security. Plus, you'll have your family close even if they're far away!

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The location system only works with mutual consent and ix dating family member or group decides whether to share their phone location in real time. It's a social tool to connect with your closest circles, post photos on the family album or make calls. Durcal will give you a ranking of time spent with your loved ones, so you can check if you invest enough time with them.

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By tapping the help button in the Durcal tracker, the whole family will receive a message to check the location of the family member before alerting the emergency services. In addition, features such as a heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen and body energy meter will be added soon, so you can check the family's fitness and health status at all times, especially the seniors in your family environment.

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Durcal isn't just a family tracker with GPS location, it's also a healthcare tool to anticipate possible android dating app app gps. The Durcal GPS family tracker aim is ensuring the access to the whole family. The app includes a simple view, so that everyone can connect and locate the family easily while bringing the benefits of a useful technology and safety location closer to all audiences. Download now Durcal, the GPS location family tracker for the whole family, and connect and take care of your loved ones wherever they're!

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