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Craddock, M. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, pp. Culoarea lor naturală este de obicei albă sau puţin puţin în afara celei albe uneori gălbuie, maronie sau roşcată. INAA pe de altă parte este mai mult sensibilă dar cuarţitul are mai puţine impurităţi pentru identificare. Doi alţi algoritmi care au fost probaţi de asemenea au demonstrat potenţial dar mai redus. Deşi conceptual general este acelaşi, procedura exactă este diferită pentru fiecare material.

Source: Acta Musei Brukenthal. The five icons from the Cluj Metropolitan Museum, on which the investigations were conducted, are painted by artists from Transylvania. One icon is datedthe others belong to the eighteenth century. The results are valuable both in terms of assessing the painting materials used, and from the perspective of conservation. Xrf dating leaf, identified in three of the five icons, reflects not just the manner of technical execution but an economic issue too.

Webinar: Best Operating Practices for XRF users Quality Control in industry is imperative, this Webinar will highlight the XRF best operating practices that will ensure the daily monitoring and compliance of quality control data.

The Webinar will focus on how to ensure the XRF method is fit for purpose. The fundamentals to stable, dating profil tekst analytical results from your XRF spectrometer is not only a stable, working spectrometer, but also a stable, reproducible sample preparation that is appropriate for the material being measured.

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Choosing an appropriate sample xrf dating method depends both on the material itself, and on the limitations of the analytical technique with respect to the elements you wish to analyse.

During this complimentary webinar, specialists from Retsch and Rigaku will present the background to sampling and sample preparation.

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They will also cover how to check that your samples have been prepared appropriately and what effects bad sample preparation can have on your measurement result. Daily check analysis is required in order to ensure that the quality from sample preparation through to the XRF instrument is xrf dating continuously and the data is trended.

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For an analytical result to be fit for its intended purpose it must be sufficiently reliable that any decision based on it can be taken with confidence. Thus the method performance must be validated and the uncertainty on the result, at a given level of confidence, estimated. Uncertainty should be evaluated and quoted in a way that is widely recognised.

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