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Practici transfrontaliere ale unor actori economici de mică importanţă la noua frontieră externă a U. The second part contains the Experimental Undertaking and is made up of two chapters that describe the stages of the experimental undertaking envisaged to validate the established assumption. In der Übersetzung des umgangssprachlichen Verbs rammeln verwenden die Übersetzerinnen nicht eine der französischen Leserschaft geläufige Variante aus dem français familier wie etwa baiser. Du texte lu à la parole spontanée, imprévue, il y a une gamme passant par le texte parlé, le débat préparé, la fausse spontanéité, l interview Les catégories des locuteurs. Interactive didactic strategies 49 II.

Studiu de caz: doline şi hazard în Câmpia Hamadan şi pe valea Lar în Iran Morfologie, Arheologie şi Topografie Studiu de caz: strada Ştefan cel Mare, Bucureşti Studiu de caz Valea Hârtibaciului Exemple din zona de contact rural-urban de lângă Bucureşti Studiu de caz Vecinătatea Viilor din municipiul Sighişoara, jud.

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Concept şi sugestii de aplicare la situaţia din România WUST, H. Practici transfrontaliere ale unor actori economici de mică importanţă la noua frontieră externă a U. BOAR, S. A Historical, Genealogical and Biographical Encyclopedia], vol.

I, fourth grade format, Simetria Publishing House, Bucharest, p. The Sinkholes or Dollins are special form of karst geomorphology that is result of the chemical erosion of the groundwater on the carbonate rocks.

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The Sinkholes formation causes many problems in urban area and other region. The case study of this research is Hamadan plain and the Lar valley englewood florida dating.

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The research methodology contains review of geology, structural geology, hydrogeological conditions, study of sinkholes situation, and their characteristics. The most important characteristics of sinkholes studied in englewood florida dating effect on their formation and its occurred or probable hazard.

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There are 39 sinkholes in different size in Hamadan plain, northwest of Iran and 9 sinkholes in Lar valley north of Iran. The results of the research shows that the sinkholes are formed in carbonate bed rocks and these rocks are covered by alluvial in Hamadan plain and Lake Sediment in the Lar valley. Major hazards of sinkholes in Hamadan plain and Lar valley are farmland and irrigation system damage, groundwater pump stations damages, risk in electrical power generators; water well mud increasing, water well collapse, villages damage risk and uncontrollable discharge of dam reservoir.

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Keywords: sinkholes formation, hazards. The scope covered by this study includes two areas in the north of Iran Lar Valley and the Hamedan Plain in the northwest of Iran fig. In some areas of the Hamedan Plain, which expands over an area of km 233 sinkholes have taken shape during a period of 12 years, the largest of which has a diameter of 31 m and the deepest extends down to 60 m.

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There have been a number of research and studies on the creation of sinkholes. The sinkholes are formed in one of the two following manners B. Markoo, : a Movement and discharge of surface materials from top layers along solution channels developed in basal carbonated rocks; b The collapse of upper rocky layers on large caves formed in the carbonated bedrock.

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William, During a series of research, parameters such as depletion of ground waters, oil and gas explorations, and the movement of rocks during mine operations and the drainage of marshes are the main causes for sinkhole formation L. Pewe, and A. Waltham, The model proposed by Waltham described the different types of sinkholes and their specifications in karstic and non-karstic soils.

Ford et al classification have been described and their shaping conditions have been divided in three main groups. According to Benson et.

Studiu de caz: doline şi hazard în Câmpia Hamadan şi pe valea Lar în Iran

Barry et. Colshow et. Waltham have divided the sinkholes in 4 groups, explaining the underlying reason as the existence of carbonated rocks beneath the covering sediments.

Educational models approached by interactive pedagogy. Psychological theories sustaining interactive training.

The tectonic conditions of Hamedan, their impact on sinkhole formation and the location of sinkholes along faults of carbonated rocks were described by G.

Saadati Haydari as the main causes of sinkhole formation. The geological specifications of the bedrock in Hamedan Plain such as englewood florida dating discharge and gas emission from the wells and rapid depletion of the ground waters point out to occurrence of sinkholes Amiri, The occurrence of sinkholes in the region of Lar Dam and their location in relation englewood florida dating the faults have been described A.

Khorsandi, Moreover, studies have shown the location of the sinkhole as being the result of fault activity and a method to prove the active state of faults has been proposed based on the location of sinkholes Khorsandi, Hosseini, The methodology of englewood florida dating research includes the geologic studies of the Hamedan Plain and the Lar Dam, their geological structure, the review of hydrological conditions, the study of sinkholes and their specifications and their eventual risks.

The geological studies prove the existence of lime bedrock in the Hamedan plain and Lar Valley, while the studies of geological structure point to the existence of faults and fault networks.

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The condition of ground waters in the Hamedan Plain shows a constant drop of tables, while the changes in the groundwater tables in Lar Plain have been determined.

The sinkholes of varying depth and diameter in Hamedan Plain and Lar Valley have occurred on deposits covering the limestone of maximum m in thickness. The results show that occurrence of sinkholes in Hamedan Plain englewood florida dating hazardous for the following cases, sometimes resulting in damages and englewood florida dating.