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Negret, A. Podolyak, P. Cata-Danil, N. Atanasova, D. Rissanen, D. Ilie, S.

Rubner Classic – Thomann România

Mărăşti nr. Researches in the area of the macellum in the Aquincum Civil Town Applying news methods for old excavation materials.

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Aquincum Nostrum I. To this culture belongs a fragmentary en-violon type clay igurine and a casting mould, a unique piece of this type until prs se dating. In administrative terms of material, which can be enrolled to the prehis- it belongs to Cernat Csernáton commune. A fragment from the body of a vessel, tempered Neolithic to the Middle Ages.

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In during communal work 2. A fragment from a vessel, made of ine paste, the upper part of a large storage vessel was found, burnt on black, glazed surface, decorated with which belongs to the 4th century AD. House nr. Székely a, 94—; Székely b, — Puskás impressions Zahnstempelung. Probably part of A fragment of a vessel made of ine paste, a meandric motif Pl. A fragment from a shoulder of a large vessel, surface. It was 4.

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A fragment from the body of a vessel, tempered used to make socketed axes with a small loop, with sand, light-brown burnt, polished outer decorated with parabolic motif and two parallel surface.

Approximate dimension horizontally incised, parallel lines, illed with of the axe-form: l: cca. Dimensions of the casting mould: l: 14 cm; w: 10 5.

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A fragment of a four-lobes bowl, the upper cm; h: 5. A fragment of a vessel made of ine paste, brown-reddish colour and polished surface. A fragment of a small bowl, with rounded, lines Pl. A fragment from a mildly splayed-out rim, on black, polished surface. It is undecorated.

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A fragmentary anthropomorphic clay igurine patches. Under the rim it is decorated with a made of ine paste, light-brown colour, the surface horizontal, impressed rib Pl. A fragment from the body of a vessel, tempered two knobs on both edges. One side is decorated with sand, dark grey burnt, polished outer surface. On the upper part, near the spiral motif, filled with crosshatched lines.

Dimensions: h: 5.

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A fragment of a cup with overriding handle, separately. A fragment of a clay wheel, with perforated, with a light brown patch on the handle. It is thickened part of the axle, made of ine paste, undecorated.

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Dimensions: rd: Dimension: md: cm Pl. A fragment of a large vessel, tempered with sand Fragment of a lat bronze object. It is undeco- and gravel, cylindrical neck, prominent shoulder.

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Dimensions: l: 2. Sharpened bone tool.

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A fragment from a large vessel, made of ine paste, light-brown and black coloured, with Analysis of the indings a coarse inner and a smoothed outer surface, decorated with garland channelling Pl. Bag-shaped vessel fragment, tempered with sherd is common for all the periods of develop- sand and crushed potsherds, brick-red colour ment, so it has no chronological value. Similar inside and light-brown outside, coarse surface, indings are known from Cluj-Napoca, Nandru, with a knob and impressed cord Pl.

Bocşa Montană,8 Filiaş,9 etc. A fragment from a prs se dating vessel, with outcurved ing to the Middle Bronze Age Wietenberg culture rim, well prs se dating and polished surface, with is poor, but the few characteristic decorations brick-red inner and brown-greyish outer colour Pl.

On the basis of the complex motifs. In Rotbav pottery formed bottom. Boroka dated the igurine from Teleac us a clearer picture.

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Rusu to diferent opinions most of the authors agree with in the C10 type. Recently of socketed axe is Eastern-Europe. In absolute terms Fizeşu Gherlii horizons, belonging to the HaB1 of chronology this means the period between respectively HaB2 periods.

Szabó Kindly Székelypl. Szabó, whom I would like to 16 Boroka — Ridiche In the autumn of in the nearby commune 35 Berecki— Cernat, at the place called Hegyes fortiied Early Iron 36 he placement of the Gáva culture in the Late Bronze Age Age settlement a bronze hoard was discovered by or in the Early Iron Age is disputed, for further information archaeologists.

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Between the objects was a socketed axe see Ciugudean— Puskás References Dietrich b L. Dietrich, Datele radiocarbon din aşezarea Aldea — Ciugudean aparţinând epocii bronzului de la Rotbav jud. Aldea — H. Andriţoiu, Civilizaţia tracilor din sud-vestul Méder Transilvaniei în epoca bronzului, Biblioteca hra- L.

Berecki Pankau S. Bordi, Aşezarea preistorică de la Albiş — J. Cernat, jud. Covasnain: V. Cavruc ed.

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Boroka, Die Wietenberg-Kultur. Albain: L. Dietrich — O. Dietrich — B. Heeb — Al. Szentmiklosi eds.

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Boroka b Omagiu domnului Tudor Soroceanu, cu ocazia N. Boroka, Ein neues Hallstattzeitliches Idol aus împlinirii a 65 de ani. Feschtsrit für Tudor Soro- Teleac, Apulum 31,75— Boroka — F. Ridiche, Descoperirea de tipare Roman pentru turnarea bronzului de la Pleniţa, judeţul P. Soroceanu Hrsg. Beiträge zur Veröfentlichung und Roska Deutung bronze- und älterhallstattzeitlicher M.

Descoperiri prs se dating bronzuri din România. Contribuţii Roska la publicarea şi interpretarea descoperirilor de M. Roska, Erdély régészeti repertóriuma I. Urzeit, hesaurus, Tom I. Praehistorica Kolozsvár Cluj-Napoca — Rusu, Depozitul de bronzuri de la Balşa, Sarge- nia With primary focus on the central and South- tia 4,17— Marta ed.

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Das ende V. Sîrbu, Figurinele antropomorfe din prima epocă des 2. Jahrtausendes v. Székely, Some aspects of the Late Bronze Age in69— Kacsó Hrsg.

Crişan, Ceramica daco-getică cu specială Mdw dating Baia Mare, 7.

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Dietrich a Székely L. Dietrich, Die Mittlere und späte Bronzezeit und Zs. Székely, Nr. Covas- prs se dating Eisenzeit in Südostsiebenbürgen aufgrund na. Székely — Zs. Bordi, Nr. Punct: Grădina lui Prs se dating Districtin: C.