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No thanks Sure! Prin urmare, atunci când alegem tactici, trebuie să ne ghidăm și de alte avantaje ale acestei mașini, dintre care cele mai importante sunt DPM-ul bun, manevrabilitatea și dinamica. We only gain access to your nickname and account id.

Remember that our platforms only access publicly available information e. We do not collect private data e.

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You agree to: fetching data from API on your behalf, processing and storing of fetched data, display of fetched data in the website tables, rankings, charts, comparisons etcsharing su 122-44 data to all other users of our platforms, data will be public, I agree If you do not agree, you can still su 122-44 our platforms.

The lack of API access consent prevents proper functioning of certain elements of our platforms eg updating data, searching.

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These functionalities will not be available or will not work properly I do not agree Remember that you can always change your mind through the button in the footer of the site. It means that some elements are not yet translated and displayed in english!

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Maybe You could help us and Your local community? Just hit "Sure" button.

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While browsing our site You will find small icon near phrases without translation. Just click su 122-44 icon and send Your translation proposal or vote for existing proposal!

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This feature requires authentication with your Wargaming. We only gain access to your nickname and account id.

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